Graduates of our faculty,

Tourism Guidance students graduate by completing a 4-year course program that combines different disciplines. Department students gain practical knowledge about the historical and touristic places of Turkey, thanks to the compulsory tour of Turkey. Students who successfully complete their undergraduate education and tour in Turkey and get sufficient scores in the foreign language exam (YDS) are entitled to work as tourist guides by obtaining a tourist guide license from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Students who graduate from the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts can work in establishments such as touristic restaurants or hotels where eating, drinking, entertainment and accommodation can be done together, such as touristic restaurants or hotels, in private restaurants and restaurants where meetings and meals are held, as well as in establishments where food products are processed and served to customers immediately. They can work. Depending on the branch they like, students can become chefs in pastry shops, hot and cold bakeries, bakery shops, or à la carte, and can move up the ranks to positions such as sous chef and executive chef. In addition, since the department is very new, it promises a bright future for students who want to pursue an academic career.

The main duty of our Recreation Management graduates is to ensure the implementation of activities that will physically and psychologically relieve individuals who are crushed under the weight of the modern age. To train Recreation Managers who aim to help people of our age who have difficulty coping with stress to the satisfaction of overcoming these difficulties through various activities; Psychology and sociology-based courses aimed at understanding society, courses that will give basic tourism knowledge and provide the basic infrastructure necessary to focus on other areas of tourism, courses aimed at gaining the notion of business and management sciences, courses aimed at getting to know nature and internalizing the philosophy of nature conservation constitute the framework of theoretical education in our department. In addition to this theoretical framework, sports and arts-infused courses such as basic physical education, nature sports, water sports, drama, animation, folk dances, basic music education, and dance education are offered to our students as electives. It is aimed to teach English and optionally German or Russian for four years and to send our graduates to life well-equipped in every aspect.